Number One (a.k.a Mevartal) was the main protagonist of Wolf Lightness. He made and built the Infinity Legion and opened the first ever operation, Wolf Lightness. He provided a fort for members, though it was completely destroyed and is not suitable for working in. Number One's worst enemy was the Galaxy Wolf (whom he killed in August 2015), and his second-in-command was Overlord Pixel. He can be found here:


In December 2016, Mevartal mysteriously vanished while going for a walk. One month later, it was revealed that Brykreece Hymnfield had killed him in a fight so massive it caused the entire of the Netherlands to be utterly demolished. His son, The Third, rebuilt Infinity Legion in hopes of finding Hymnfield and avenging his father.

Trivia: Edit

:Number One named his minigun Tommy

He was born in 1992, and became an intergalactic bounty hunter in 2011. He was 24 when he died.